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Maicuta Domnului

….As many times as the enemy attacks you either through passion or through sadness or despondency or despair, immediately grab the weapon of prayer, and you shall see how much it disappears and not even a trace of it remains. When you are fought against by the enemy call upon the help of the most holy Theotokos, the guardian Angel of your soul and all the Angels and Saints, and along with this, firstly, announce it to your spiritual father, or ask the prayers and counsels of the other brothers, because a brother helped by a brother is like a strong and fortified city. In these things forcefulness, striving and bravery is necessary…

May the All Good God and Father of us all bless us and grant us the portion of the saved. May all our striving and all our concern be this, how to be saved. We are merchants. Each day let us consider the gain which we obtained. Let us consider the heavenly treasure, which even if we obtain once we will never fear losing but will rejoice unto the ages together with God, the Angels and the Saints. May Your mercy ο Lord come upon us as we have hoped in you…Strive in every way to lead others also unto the light of truth.

The humble and unworthy servant of God,
your spiritual brother
Philotheos Zervakos Priestmonk
June 16,1912

-Wars occur on account of the sins of men…Let us not have our hopes upon weapons and bravery, but in God, because God says “Without Me you shall not be able to do anything”.

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