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Behavior During Divine Services

Interview with Elder Cleopas (Ilie) of Sihastria Monastery
The Orthodox Word (Vol. 28, No. 1 (162)), pp. 19-20

Q: “How should Christians stand in church during services, how should they pray, and what duties do they have when they go to church?”

A: Christians should stand in church with faith, fear of God, and attention. They should force themselves as much as possible to pray without distraction and with feeling of heart.

Also, Christians have the following duties:

  • to go regularly to church, for whoever often misses the services, except for the sick, are barred from the Holy Mysteries;
  • to be reconciled with all men and to ask forgiveness of anyone they have hurt;
  • to preserve their purity at least two days before going to church and at least one day after;
  • to come early to the divine services in order to have time to venerate in peace and hear Matins.

Every Christian should offer some gift to the Lord according to his ability, even if it is very small, as a sacrifice from the work of his hands.

They should give names for commemoration, and ask the priest to take out parts (from the prosphora) for the living and dead members of their families.

Christians should stand in church modestly and in good order, the men on the right and the women on the left.

They should wear clean and modest clothes, and women should have scarves on their heads.

It is forbidden to talk during services without great need.

After Divine Liturgy starts, everyone should remain in his place and not move about to venerate the icons.

They should follow the Liturgy with pious attention, and listen to the prayers and singing of the choir, the Epistle and Gospel readings, and the sermon.

No one should leave the church before the end of the Liturgy without great need.

Those who have confessed and prepared for Holy Communion should read the appropriate prayers before Communion in advance, and before they approach the Holy Gifts they should ask forgiveness of all the faithful.

After the Liturgy, those who received Communion should read the prayers of thanksgiving, spending that day in spiritual joy and guarding themselves from all temptations.

Parents should bring their children to church regularly, taking care that they receive communion of the Body and Blood of Christ.

After the end of the divine services, Christians should reverently return to their homes, spending the rest of the day thinking of holy things, reading spiritual books, and visiting the sick.

They are also obligated to tell those at home who didnt come to church about what they heard and learned in church from the troparia, readings, and the sermon.

These are the most important duties of Christians when they go to church on Sundays and feast days.

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